My works express the simple happiness in everyday life that I hold dear, and they are what make me smile translated into the language of jewelry.

Living in Finland has a profound influence on my works. The natural surroundings provide endless fuel to my creativity. Through my jewelry, I want to present the beauty and wonder in the daily life, which might be easily ignored if you don’t take a moment to see and appreciate. I collect the seeds of inspiration by taking close-up photographs of flowers and plants, which I encounter in my daily surroundings or during traveling. I like to observe how a bloom is set on the stem, how the petals unwrap to reveal an enclosed surprise and how leaves sprout from branches, from which I can almost hear the popping sounds. I want to capture the gesture of a flower and to depict the energy and liveliness of a plant.

I work mainly with precious materials and traditional techniques. I want to make jewelry that is not only wearable, but also can live on its own as a piece of sculpture.